Wedding tomorrow… no outfit planned!!

The weather has been glorious the past few weeks don’t you think? I can gleefully report that I actually gained a few new freckles on my arms, shoulders and face, meaning I don’t look as pasty white anymore. (I have the unfortunate skin tone that leads people to worry if I’m ill when I don’t wear makeup!) The heat teamed up with my new job, and spending time with my lovely husband and son has made me so tired and lethargic, but nonetheless I’ve fought through it with big smiles (most of the time) and plenty of giggles with my colleagues and family.

I think it’s quite a British thing to crave heat during the miserable rain and poor weather, and to complain about the heat once we have it. As I look out at the torrent of rain battering my work window, I am of course craving the sunshine once again! We’re off to a family wedding tomorrow so hopefully the weather decides to change even a wee bit for the lovely Bride and Groom tomorrow!

Hi Mother Nature! Send more Sunshine ASAP!

Today I’m a funny old mixture of excited and frustrated. I’m off work tomorrow, (yaaaay!) but as my title would suggest, I have failed to choose an outfit for said wedding, and may have to recycle a previously worn wedding outfit (is this really such a bad thing?!) My number one choice at the present time is a lovely purple and black dress that covers up many of my lumps and bumps, I am however worried it’s a little to winter-y in terms of the purple and black colouring! However I can’t help but feel self conscious wondering; ‘ do I need tights?’, ‘should I wear ‘sucky-inny’ pants?’, ‘will everyone notice if im in the same outfit as two weddings ago?’. I think that all of the aforementioned concerns fall strictly under the first world problems category!

Potential Outfit

Outfit woes aside, I’m just off the phone from the hairdressers who has been super helpful and gave me an 8am appointment for hair and makeup, I most definitely need this appointment. Most mornings I wake up with hair akin to that of a Scarecrow, as well as a very tired face and the new, very unwelcome visitor on my face, the massive forehead wrinkle that seems to be even more prominent when I smile! ( More frowning on the cards from now on! Also does anyone have any anti-wrinkle advise?)

Seriously though 8am… yawwwwwwnn! I’m such a worrier and wondering where I’ll park as I’m certain my appointment will be a 2 hour affair as my hair is so thick and my face so tired looking, all the parking near the salon is for an hour only, and the further away parking will no doubt result in me being a drowned rat… I really need to remember to bring an umbrella!!

The excitement of the wedding tomorrow has led me to remember our own wedding day. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I am SUCH a crier, I cry when I’m happy, sad, angry, tired, and sometimes for no reason at all. I own my emotive nature, afterall it is part of who I am, and the older I’ve got I’ve come to realise that it’s OK to do you- just be yourself, whilst of course trying to do well by others at all times.

I am SO thankful we didn’t fall in to this pond!

We used to look back at our wedding day as the happiest day of our life! That was of course until David was born, I don’t think anything will surpass the birth of a child for us, how wonderful, how perfect yet painful, and how truly worthwhile! I’ll tell you all about my birth story another day, but for now I’ll sign out and promise to update you all on the wedding tomorrow and if the makeup artist has any way of hiding my unwelcome face wrinkle!

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