Wedding prep.. the hairdressers and beyond!

Does anyone else hate that feeling when the alarm goes off? Most mornings I actually don’t mind it too much, but for some reason this morning I had reached the perfect level of comfort, heat and coziness…bliss! I have no idea why, but I can only guess it was from the fear of sleeping in this morning that I had set my alarm to a super loud and obnoxious volume making me feel extremely grouchy as I clambered about, blurry eyed, trying to find it to turn it off. I know the alarm is designed to wake us up, but does it really have to be so annoying?! Anyhow, sleepy rant aside, I managed to turn said alarm off and drag myself out of bed, wash and make a fresh bottle for David, allowing it time to cool before my husband wakes up- wife points?! I think so!! Speaking of the hubby, I whispered ‘love you bye’ to him this morning and he woke up looking shocked wondering where I was going! It gave me a wee giggle, in his tired state he must have temporarily forgot today was the family wedding!

Anyhow, I’m at the hairdressers now, the parking outside is for an hour only so I had to go to a nearby pay and display car park. I was surprised to find a two pound coin in my (much to my husbands dismay) messy car. I have such good intentions to clean it out, but alas, I still haven’t found time.. maybe now that I’ve written this it will shame me into doing it… maybe.

The look of pure exhaustion.. also a wee ‘before’

Ouch! My contact lens is really bothering my left eye, my eye is letting me know it does not want this foreign body in along with it, clearly my body is in good sync with my mood. On a side note, I love wearing contact lenses, I still remember the feeling at 16 years old when I first tried contact lenses, it was such a confidence boost, now as a thirty-something year old I am confident to wear my glasses too.

My hair set for curls

I didn’t manage to get a photo of myself once these curls were taken out, but my lovely hairdresser told me not to worry that she would not leave it looking ‘full on Irish dancer wig like curls’. I did not know my thick mop of hair was even capable of holding such tight ringlets, thankfully she worked her magic on me!

Voila! What a transformation!!!

Now I’m heading home wondering if I really do want to wear the purple dress… decisions, decisions!!!

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