The Family Wedding

I can’t believe it’s taken me so many days to getting round to writing this, but I have been so tired, and kept putting off blogging for mundane tasks like Laundry (yes, I too, as a new Mummy feel like my house has been turned into a laundrette since my Son was born!) and attempting to better organise my side of the wardrobe due to the super warm weather we’re having! To begin with i really feel that you need to know that this wedding was just FABULOUS, and so relaxed, with lots of gorgeous personalised touches, it just made me want to get married all over again!!

Our wedding day! 3 years ago TOMORROW!

Upon leaving the hairdressers I found that one bit of my hair was hanging down over my eye, and the clip the hairdresser had put in had fallen out. I decided on the risk of being slightly late home and ran to the Richmond Centre (the closest shopping centre) to try and find a fascinator, I walked shop to shop and then back round again before buying one in Quiz- quite possibly the sparkliest shop out there, but was pleased to also find a wee clutch bag to match, both items came to £22.00 as I had missed they had a sale on, and as I have another do this month I can use them at I was so chuffed!

My new Fascinator

I decided to take my time on the way home, and stopped at the local garage for some sausage and bacon baps… yum! I chatted for a bit too long and as I went back to the car the rain had started 😦 and boy did it rain!! I managed to get to my car pretty quickly and got home to put on the purple dress that was waiting patiently hung up in the wardrobe for me…. but …. after all my careful planning I realised I really didn’t want to wear it!!

I went for a long navy dress with sparkly detail. Yes sparkly… from Quiz! I’ve actually worn it to three events now so I’m glad I splurged out on it last year. As you can see from the photograph, my hair completely lost its curls, I was a bit disappointed but didn’t mind too much as it was really nice to spend a day out with my husband.

The wedding was beautiful and ran on time with gorgeous hymns and a lovely sermon. The Bridal party looked incredible and it was all just so romantic! The Bride is a really beautiful lovely girl and a great addition to our ever growing extended family (I wish we seen all sides of our extended family more- not just at weddings, but we live all across the country and further afield!)  as for the Hubby and I we danced our hearts out until it was home time when we excitedly drove home to collect our little man from his Granny’s house. We found our little munchkin all awake waiting of us, full of smiles and cuddles, and of course he fell asleep as soon as he was in the car, he’s so cute!

Honestly, family weddings are just the best! Lots of love, catch ups with the family, and reminders of just how blessed you are. Here’s to the happy couple!

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