Mamma Mia!

Oh my days! I am so so so excited. I just saw the trailer for Mamma Mia 2 and I cannot wait to see it. I’ll be singing along, and there is no doubt that I’ll be crying the whole way through so a wee pack of tissues will be a must.

I will of course be dragging the hubby along (do all you women feel like your men absolutely love the chick flicks but pretend not to!?) I think I’ll just randomly announce it’s officially time for a date night! My treat! I’ll organise it.. teehee… it’s a trap! He won’t mind really.. I hope! We are lucky to have a great local Cinema ( ) where you can get a great meal, a cocktail, play bowls and watch great films in their gorgeous theatres. Seriously, I love this cinema, the staff are so friendly, the popcorn is lovely, and the seats are staggered meaning you always get a great view. They have a soft play area called Bananas, I would love to go in for a play just one last time, but alas, I have come to accept that I am now an adult.. and I’ll have to wait for my little boy to be big enough to enjoy Bananas as much as I did when I was little.

Now that I’m writing this I’m realising it’s been quite a while since we have had an actual night out date. We have of course been to weddings and a few wee events here and there, but an actual night out? It’s been a while. I love cosy nights in, but it’s lovely to get our now and again, even just for a wee bite to eat, or a walk together over the city’s Peace Bridge.

Here’s the thing, date night is important, but what is more important is ensuring that you dedicate time to your loved one. It doesn’t have to be a big, elaborate event, you don’t even have to spend money, but you do have to spend time engaging with your partner, whether on date night or not.

I feel really lucky with my husband, he works crazy hours, I work full time, we have a baby! Yet he is always there for me, keen to hear what I have to say and he still surprises me every day, in short, I feel loved.

For a few days when I started back to work I was so grumpy. I felt like crying all the time. I was snappy, over defensive, over thinking everything everyone was saying to me and I just felt so horrible. I’m so glad that Gary was there, patient and understanding, helping me through the mixture of guilt at being back at work and the tiredness of tying to be wife, mummy, employee and everything in between. I’m sharing this with you because I always feel that people need to know that everyone goes through hard times, but when you share your feelings it always helps, even a little. In short, Togetherness is so important, it’s more than just being physically present, it’s being present for your loved one in body, mind and spirit.

That’s really all I have to say on the topic, I’ll write more when I actually see Mamma Mia, although it’s not out until July 20th, a whole 3 weeks!! Booo! Until then I’ll be singing ABBA songs and planning the surprise Date night!

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