New Shoes….North Carolina…and my Gynaecologist

I love Shoes! I know quite a few people reading this probably do too, I love finding a super comfy pair that look nice too. I must admit, I am guilty of the odd comfy but unnattractive pair, more-so for work than anything else, but nonetheless, I really do love shoes! I think I’m getting a wee bit excited and repetitive but at least i know for sure you have got what this particular post is about..!

So I’m going to tell you all about getting David his first pair of ‘proper shoes’ but my mind is slightly side tracked, full of memories of when I went to Greenville, North Carolina in July 2014 as a leader for the amazing Ulster Project. Through the project I met the loveliest friend a girl could have, Jennifer. We’re still in touch 4 years later, still as close as ever, and Jennifer has been to visit us here in Northern Ireland, I guess that makes it our our turn to go there next! (YAY! Can I start packing now?!)


Jennifer is a really inspiriting person and has a great life story. She’s a very loyal and loving friend, and is one of those rare gems in the world, she is truly good, a beautiful person inside and out, and completely giving of her time, patience, love and energy, she also makes AMAZING popcorn, gets on really well with my family and has an amazing family..all winning aspects to a great friendship.


I’ll have to ask her later, but back in 2014, before I was even married, we spent the 4th of July Holiday at her family beach house in Oak Island (I think that’s right?!) Its such a beautiful place, and I’m fairly certain the lovely film we watched when we were there was also filmed there..’Safe Haven’.. again, I’ll have to ask her later! Jennifer loves the beach, it’s like she is one with the water, the sand, the air, she really comes into herself when she is there, and I can honestly say that was one of the most relaxing few days away I’ve ever had, I even enjoyed ‘shucking’ the corn we ate for our supper..another story for another time!


Jennifer, who is now one of my best friends in the world has a new Male…friend? What do you call a boyfriend when you’re in your thirties? I am enjoying seeing her happy posts on social media, and she is really glowing with happiness. He is deserving of her amazing nature and she seems to think he is kind of great! I am holding back on asking too many questions now, to allow her to basque in the newness, the warmth and the excitement of the new phases of potential love. Anyway, I think i got sidetracked onto my lovely friend as her new beau got her a gorgeous wee pair of shoes this week…that gives him lots of bonus points in my eyes!! Before I start telling you about my baby boy’s shoe shopping experience, let me tell you this, you need a Jennifer in your life, a friend who you really can tell anything to, who you can be completely yourself with (bad or good day) and someone who you can just laugh till you cry, eat until you feel sick, and sing to the point of shouting with. Jennifer is a cheerleader in life who is happy for me when I’m happy and lifts me up when I’m sad. I have a few other friends like this who you will hear about soon, but the message is clear.. If you don’t have friends like this, you must find one or some, they are the best type of friends to have.


Now! Back to Davids shoes! Since my baby boy was quite small I have been slightly obsessed with having cute little crib shoes on (that’s what they’re called right?) I loved having his feet nice and cosy in little shoes that matched his outfits, however, now that he’s very active and attempting to walk, we felt the time had come to get out little boy properly measured for his first pair of shoes! I must confess at this point, even though I am truly thrilled at how well he is coming along, and how he is learning all these new skills, I wish I could just press pause now and again to stop and take in all his little daily achievements. I am just so proud of my boy.

We decided we would head to Clarke’s Shoe shop and were helped by a really friendly young sales assistant. She was brilliant with David. We have noticed that when people really take time to speak to our boy, engage with him on his level, and explain what they are doing to him, we really admire the service provided. David had his feet measured and off the sales assistant went to find him some shoes to try on!


As we were waiting for the sales assistant to come back, David took my hand and started walking about (he can’t go by himself just yet, but seems very close), he noticed a little girl (we later found out she was 14 months old) and they walked towards one another. The next few moments in the shop really melted my heart, they held hands, touched each others faces and smiled emphatically at one another. It was a very beautiful and pure moment between two little children, and it made me feel truly happy for them both. I guided David away, but every few moments, the little girl would come and find him and they would hold hands again, how precious!

adult aged baby care
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After David had got his shoes fitted, the little girl was still there holding his hand and looking at him lovingly, her Father came over to get her and BAM! Life hit me with a wave of emotion as I realised I recognised this mans kind face. We spoke to him for a few moments about his beautiful daughter, called Aria (I love that name!) and he asked what age David was, I softly told him that David was 10 months old, and it was exactly 10 months ago that he had taken such good care of me when he helped to deliver David at the hospital, he couldn’t believe it, and to be honest neither could I. I almost cried as I remembered my difficult 18 and a half hour labour, how tired I had been mid-way, and how encouraged this man had made me feel. I remember clearly only being 2 cm dilated and almost crying, thinking I didn’t have the energy to go on, this Doctor told me, in an hour you will see a great change, and he was right. The thing I remember most is the next morning very early when I woke up, this same man came to visit to check I was OK, and to see our baby. I felt so cared for, and for the time that he spent with me, I knew that this man was a blessing to our local hospital and the NHS in general.

I know not every woman would like to run into their gynaecologist in a shoe shop, I mean labour for me left me very undignified (and not too bothered!), hot, sweaty, tired and all the rest, but the staff at our local hospital, this Doctor included, made me feel so empowered, so calm and so safe, how lucky are we to have staff like this that we can fully rely on. I am so glad we ran into the gynaecologist at the shoe shop, it gave me the chance to thank someone who had taken special care of my Son, Husband and I, but it also showed me how kind his little daughter was, and how important it is to teach our children to be loving and caring. Ten months ago, this lovely Doctor showed me kindness as he helped to bring our son into the world and ten months later, his little daughter was showing the same kindness to our son, how beautiful, I cried when I thought of it last night, and I’m having a wee cry thinking of it now. I am so thankful, so blessed, and so happy at the little lessons I learn every day through my journeys of mummy hood.


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