Just another Manic Monday

Aaahhh! I wish it was Sunday! Actually that’s not the case, I am in a very bright and cheerful mood, despite being rudely awaken by my obnoxious alarm again… let’s ignore the facts that a- I set said alarm, and b- I would not have woken without it teehee!!

I got up fairly early and was happy that I had chosen both mine and the Babas outfits last night and set out everything for his breakfast. It was honestly one of those rare mornings where I was not running round all stressed but was perfectly calm and even had time to pop on some makeup. I’m not fussed on whether I have makeup on for work or not, and I am definitely not one of those girls who wears makeup every day, but I think it’s a nice enhancement now and again when you have time and when you feel you need it.

Isn’t it funny that as soon as I wrote makeup I automatically thought of Love Island? Yes I confess I watch Love Island, I may be hooked.. along with some of the other 3.4 million UK viewers I tune in every evening to watch the singletons pursuit of love with the bonus prize of £50,000 for the most popular couple. I must admit it does make me wonder how different my view of ‘love’ and the contestants is.. vastly I believe.


I really do enjoy watching Love Island but it does make me feel very inadequate in the looks department. I am not and would not shame the females (or males) on the show for their immaculate looks, however I do question how this show would influence people of a more insecure nature. The people on the show are all of a certain aesthetic and they are no doubt beautiful, but why is there not more physical diversity on the show?

Surely in the width and breadth of the UK there are people looking for love who are, like myself, chubby, who don’t have a chiselled jaw, who aren’t perfectly manicured and who don’t look like models? I’m not saying don’t have anyone who looks like a model on the show, I’m just questioning why there are no average Joes or Jolene’s who are just as beautiful in their own way? I’d be very interested to know the audition criteria, and also how do they know how to get such perfect hair and makeup? Is there a nail technician in there? If they are really looking for love is this the best way to go about finding it?

Honestly I could start on an epic rant about how the producers are manipulating the Dani and Jack situation, however, I actually had a very active weekend which I’ll be writing about tomorrow, so this short wee post will have to do for now!!

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