Happy Independence Day!!

It’s the 4th of July!!! How am I only realising 10 hours after wakening up, and after 8 long hours of typing the date numerous times?! I will definitely be writing a wee post on my Facebook for my gorgeous American friends most of whom are more like family to me that friends!!

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be blessed to travel to the USA, let alone that 6 years later (wait.. What? How could it be 6 years??) I would have been over a further two times, and hosted my American ‘family’ members here in Northern Ireland numerous times. The bond that I have with the Hough family (My second Mummy and Daddy) and the Sword family, as well as my other friends, and young people that I volunteered with has been life changing, and one that has truly enriched my life.

Its been a few months since John and Annette last visited, every time they come over the time zooms by so fast and before you know it they head back to Tennessee. We love Tennessee and had a great holiday there over New Years 2016/2017. I was secretly pregnant at the time and had quite bad nausea..I’ll let you into a wee secret!! Ginger was the answer to my early days nausea- ginger ale, or ginger nut biscuits, if I didn’t get some ginger in time I was always sick!! John and Annette are an incredible couple, they are always there for me, and I love that they just love me for me. I feel so blessed that they are a part of my extended family and would love to be in America with them today heading off with David and Gary to watch fire works and celebrate Independence Day with them!

We’re hoping to take David to the USA for his first wee trip in the next year or two. It will involve a bit of travelling, we just cannot wait to go back to Tennessee and North Carolina to see our American ‘Family’. I do think the thought of travelling to Raleigh Durham or Tyson McGhee will be very stressful due to the numerous flights and the little man he will be by next year. I will be writing another post about our trip to Spain soon which was really timed well in terms of Davids age- it was relaxing and enjoyable for all of us! Aside from seeing the sights, our lovely friends and everything else that America has to offer, we will be very, very excited to go on an epic Grub crawl…Taco Bell, Chic-Fil-a, iHop, Big Eds pizza place in Oak Ridge and my all time favourite Krispy Kreme…..Oh my, I could nearly book flights now thinking of all the amazing food we will absolutely be eating when we’re there!

Not sure how I thought my pregnancy was a secret, even at this stage you could see it!

I remember going on and on and on about Krispy Kreme to my lovely husband, but low and behold, when we got there, due to my pregnancy with the lovely Baba, the smell of Krispy Kreme really didn’t agree with me. I was devastated, my mind was saying ‘yesssss’ but my tummy was saying ‘noooooo’! 

I seem to have veered massively off topic and got completely fixated by fooooood! Happy Independence day to all my gorgeous friends and family in the USA. You have enriched my life and I have so many happy memories of my travels and cannot wait to bring my little munchkin over for some exploring!

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