The 3am wake up call

Let me set the scene for you..Its Monday night, I am cosy (even cosier than you are imagining!), snuggled in bed, the perfect temperature and the perfect level of comfort, fast asleep, enjoying a wonderful dream about chocolate when suddenly my precious baby starts crying in what sounds like the loudest noise I have ever heard.

My husband and I are startled, bleary eyed, confused even, but I managed to jump up at a fairly speedy rate to check on the little man. Is there any feeling worse than seeing your little baby cry? Not knowing what could be wrong? Thankfully the longer you spend with your little one you will start to understand the different cries they send you and the little cues that make it easier to ascertain what is wrong.

Well Mr David has been a delight with his teething process, we went to Salou (that’s definitely going to be a solo blog post) about 7 weeks ago and by the end of the week he had 4 new teeth and had only cried once!! He does have the classic symptoms of drooling, and putting his wee hand in his mouth, as well as a rosy cheek that comes and goes. Turns out the wee teeth were giving him trouble, I gave him a drink of water and his Daddy walked up and down the hall with him cuddling him and he soon fell back asleep, so no need for Bonjella this time round! Back to sleep we all went, however, little Bear woke a further two times but quickly fell back asleep when given his Dummy!

I must say, I think my age is starting to catch up on me. 10, even 5 years ago I could have woken several times during the night and bounced back with lots of energy and easily sailed through the next day, not now however! I was exhausted when my alarm went off and snoozed it at least three times!!! Work was a real struggle on Tuesday, I felt every single second of it- and I love my job, I just could not cope with the tiredness!

It’s official! I’m a Mombie!!

Thankfully I got through the day and the little Prince had a great sleep last night!

Here’s my toptips for sleep deprivation:

1. Drink plenty of water (I’m the worst for this, I would prefer a Diet Coke or cup of tea, but I’m trying!)

2. Eat healthy snacks as well as your normal meals

3. If it can be avoided don’t take an energy or caffeine based drink, from experience I feel this makes me more tired in the long run!

4. Talk through your stress, and when on a break take a wee walk or move about

That’s what works for me folks. Still feel like I could be doing with a two week sleep!! Bless him, the reality is, no matter how much I complain, how tired I look, or how Mombie like I become, I love him so much I would stay up all night every night if needs be!

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