Precious moments, Photography and Memories…

‘The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.’

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I’m a very emotional Mamabear tonight. I turned on my laptop and started looking through all my photographs of David from when he was born until now. I remember at the time wondering if I was taking too many photographs, but now I am so glad I did. I have managed to document all his little features, how he’s changed and lots of lovely memories from when he was very little right up to today.

Parenting tip- take the photograph!

I honestly have hundreds of photographs, and to be honest, a few of them document moments I can’t even remember! When I look back over the albums it brings back the emotions and memories of the wee moments where we were tired, happy, emotional and amazed. I also have a few wee videos and live photos.

Your baby will change before your eyes and you won’t even notice at the time!

My husband and I had a good giggle tonight looking back at some of the photographs where he looked like a wee baby with an old man bald head! In the space of 10 months and 3 weeks (yes i’m counting!) he has changed from a little tiny baby to an almost toddler! We remember those first few weeks when we were holding him being so careful to support his little neck, keep him the right temperature, feed him and bathe him and make him feel so cosy. We still look after him just as much but the change in him now is unbelievable, he still loves his cuddles and snuggles but he is starting to become more independent and is such a little explorer. The love we have for our little muchkin is unquantifiable, even though he does have a particular talent for making us super duper tired! Speaking of tired, can anyone tell me where this little man gets all his energy from? He is just so active! I wish I had even half of his energy, I would get so much done!

As emotional as I am tonight, and I have definitely cried a few happy tears, the overwhelming emotion I feel is love. I just feel so proud of all the little things my wee man does all by himself, this week he clapped for the first time, and I honestly felt as proud as if he had won gold in the olympics, it’s hard to believe in 5 short weeks we will have a one year old. I feel the tears coming again- tears of pure joy. My heart is full of happiness and I am so grateful to be the Mamabear of my little David.

My final thought for tonight is this…

Try your best to enjoy every little minute with your babies, as they grow up very quickly, and you only get to experience all their little achievements once.Don’t miss the small things, because from experience, those little moments are sometimes the big, meaningful and most beautiful ones.

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