Ten minutes at Ten!

Good morning! I have a ten minute tea break at work so thought I would pop by and do a quick little post.

I’m very awake and prepared today as my little David woke up about 40 minutes earlier than the alarm I had optimistically set. I do confess that when I heard his gleeful voice saying ‘ooooh’ for the first 2-3 seconds I clamped my eyes shut thinking, ‘he will go back to sleep, he’s just sleep talking’ haha! As if! I opened my eyes, got up and found him jumping up and down, excited for the day ahead! If only we all woke up so happy.

The above photo is an old one, back when we weren’t going through this epic heatwave. Bedtime was all about finding a lovely cosy pair of pyjamas and an equally cosy baby sleeping bag (what are they actually called?? Now it’s all about keeping the wee man at just the right heat, cool enough to be comfortable, and of course.. actually convincing him to sleep in the first place! Anyway time to get back to work! Here’s a wee snap of us leaving the house 🙂

I’ll post some more later, but hopefully if you’re reading this, you’re already having a great day, I know I am, and all thanks to my lovely baba wakening me up bright and early!

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