Fishing, Family and Fun!


Woohoo! I woke up this morning and it actually was Saturday. This is the first day this week when my mind told me ‘it’s Saturday! Back to sleep!’ where it actually was Saturday. I snuggled my head deep into my pillow, took a quick peep at my gorgeous baba and hubby and closed my eyes for another blissful hour or two of precious sleep. It was only 7.15 after all! Alas, I forgot that my little baby bear has his own internal alarm clock, and a mere twenty minutes later he was up, excitedly chattering in his beautiful baby language and awaiting his breakfast.

Parenting tip- Don’t rely on the sleep in you think you might get, you will be over tired and exhausted if you don’t find restful moments elsewhere!

Despite my tired aesthetic I happily got up, made Mr David his breakfast and multi tasked by getting ready at the same time. Sometimes on a Saturday I’m so tired I really have to push myself to do the singular tasks, and in my opinion that’s OK! It’s OK to be tired, but as a parent you have to dig deep and keep going for the little people who rely on you so much.

Parenting tip- On those moments when you are so tired but NEED to get up, get a nice breakfast, some fruit and a big glass of water, this will give you the fuel you need to keep going!

Soon enough we were ready to go for a Mummy/Son day out. My car was definitely over packed and not in the slightest bit tidy. I have a great wee 3 door Citroen that actually fits plenty in, but it occasionally is a little bit tricky climbing in to get my son into his car seat. (On a side note, does anyone else find Car Seats so fiddly and difficult to close when you’re in a rush or very warm?!)

Our first stop was to my Granny and Grinda’s house. I still- even when writing formally refer to my Grandparents as Granny and Grinda, I always have and always will. We arrived a wee bit early, it was only 9.55! The super fun part about being so early was David learnt how to use the doorbell!! He was so proud of himself and very amused by the process of him pressing the button andthe noise it produced. It was a simple pleasure but a great one nonetheless.

I forgot to photograph David and the doorbell!!

We had a fab time at Granny and Grindas house. They live in the country, we were outside and looked at the birds, flowers and plants, we also saw a butterfly, which made my little Munchkin gasp with glee. I love taking him round all the flowers when we visit! It’s great to get him outside and thankfully today was nice and cloudy making it much more enjoyable to be outside this morning.

After a great morning at Granny and Grindas house we nipped to the shop to buy some flowers for my younger sister, Davids beloved Auntie. She’s amazing, a hard worker, and planning her wedding. Karen deserves a blog post all to herself, but I wanted to share how nice it was as David pointed to the flowers that he would give to her later on in the day. We visited Karen at Cafe in the Park where she works. It’s a lovely cafe run by my Cousin, but even if my family didn’t work here I would still eat here as the staff are lovely and the food is great. They are also fab with young children and it’s located in our local walking and play park, so it’s a parenting win-win!

Parenting tip- talk talk talk to your baby! It will really help them develop their vocabulary and make them feel very involved in what’s going on!

My wee sister Karen and I

Now the next part may shock you, so take a breath, sit back and relax! I, Mamabear- Julie, actually went to the car wash for the first time in…six weeks! How embarrassing that I had let my lovely white car get so dirty! David loves watching the suds go all over the car, and the men that work there are so lovely and chat away to me and him, the worst part of the six week period of not having my car washed, is that, despite our rural location, the car wash is literally just across the road from our house!!!

Now, we absolutely do live in a rural setting, but my Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ken live in what can only be described as the actual middle of nowhere rural. It’s absolutely beautiful there, up in the Sperrin Mountains in County Tyrone. It doesn’t take too long to drive to their house so off David and I went for a wee visit. We had a fun time and David saw and petted a wee cat for the first time. We took a drive (very slowly as the roads were so tiny) to Moorlough to visit my Cousin who was fishing. We had a great time and it was lovely for David to spend time with my cousins.

Even though we had a super busy day, we managed to squeeze a quick visit to my husbands Aunt, Uncle and Nanny, David got his dinner and played with his cousins. It was a special day spent with family. We were so tired when we got home that Mamabear and Babybear were sleeping in no time!

I think you probably already know this, but family is everything.

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