Formula Milk Stress!

Before I write this short post, I want to clarify that I do not want to delve into the ‘breast is best’/’fed is best’ debate at present, but merely want to touch on the recent discussion around the new Aptamil first formula making lots of babies around the UK sick.

Whilst out about yesterday I decided to pop on Facebook and check on the latest on my timeline. Much to my major distress I seen a Mummy Forum page that I follow with a leading headline of something along the lines of ‘Babies across UK sick and hospitalised because of Aptamil. No joke, I almost started to cry instantly. My heart was thumping, my palms were sweaty. I tried to get into the website to read more, I couldn’t get on it, the comments advised the site had crashed due to high levels of traffic! I called my Hubby, he was on a call! I called my Mum, her reception was bad and she couldn’t hear me!

At lunch with my sister I managed to get online. I read that Aptamil First formula had recently changed, and a large number of Mummy’s have been reporting that their precious babies are now sick, upset and generally unsettled. Now I will admit that I was initially relieved to find out it was not the formula my son was on, however, mixed with my relief was dismay for all the poor mummy’s, daddy’s and their wee babies that are sick because of the most important meal they eat- their milk!

I have been keeping an eye on the story for around 24 hours now, and I have been a little disappointed to note that Aptamil’s official response, whilst very apologetic and concerned seemed to slightly lean to parents not being aware of the new mixing instructions for the feeds. Every Mummy I know cares deeply about their babies feeds, and I struggle to agree that they would not be aware of how to mix the feeds or would not have read the instructions prior to making up the feeds.

All I can clearly state is that whatever the problem is needs addressed urgently to protect the little cherubs that need their feed, this is not a time for shifting blame but for fixing an issue that should not have happened in the first place.

On a final note, I have not had any issues with Aptamil first or hungry baby feeds, however I have not tried the new formula and have no need to do so. My experience with Aptamil has been extremely positive, but I felt the need to voice my opinion on the recent worries shared by some parents in the UK.

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