Monday…. Eugh!

It’s Monday…. Eugh! I’ve realised I blog quite a lot about being realllly tired but today I’m actually not all that tired despite little David getting up at 4am this morning for a wee bounce in his bed! He’s really funny at the moment because if he does something he knows he’s not allowed to he says ‘uh-oh!’ and shakes his head no enthusiastically, as he fights the temptation to do whatever it is he knows he shouldn’t be doing!!

I don’t mind Monday’s too much but this morning I could have easily stayed with my little baba all day for a fun day of walks and playing. Last night we were very amused with him as his Daddy was on the phone taking a work call and he could hear little David chattering away in the background, he turned round to see David on his little toy phone talking to him… sooo cute!

I love how his sense of humour and creativeness is starting to blossom. We will be enjoying lots of interactive play in the coming months. I actually bought him a wee swing and tunnel at Argos at the weekend, so I’m looking forward getting that all set up for him this weekend!

For now, I have to nip back to work, a short post, but one I wanted to write before I forgot!! My memory is blurry since the birth of the love of my life, so I would say it’s well worth the blurriness! Time for some fruit, water, and lots of hard work to pass the day! I’ll write more later!

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