New Look Curve no more!

Wouldn’t it be great if you clicked into this wee blog post about New Look Curve and found that I was writing about how successful my weight loss journey has been? I’m a bit on the fence on that one as I feel happy with my looks but I know that my current weight is unhealthy. I don’t feel it would be right to rush into another fad diet or try to lose weight quickly, I’m trying to do it the right way this time. Alas, this post is not about my journey with my weight (this post however is —> My jelly belly blog post) but moreover that my favourite shop in the two cities closest to me has stopped selling their range of plus size clothing. Seriously New Look? Seriously. How do I feel about that? Let’s explore my thoughts on this one!

At my largest size in a comfortable New Look top

I can clearly remember the first time I noticed the then nicely named ‘New Look Inspire’ range I remember cautiously approaching the range, feeling a little self conscious about my weight but excited by the styles, cuts and prints on offer. I was shopping in my then local New Look, in the Richmond Centre and had been a little down hearted that I couldn’t find anything in my size that I actually wanted to wear. I remember buying a few new outfits that day, and being all set for Christmas party season, I felt amazing and was so glad that I could once again shop in one of my favourite clothes shops. As the years went on and my clothes size fluctuated, I always managed to find casual and dressy clothes in the New Look Inspire collection and I always felt great in them.

New Look top in Disneyland on Honeymoon

As the years went on I regularly got my clothes from New Look and always stayed with the trends, eventually New Look Inspire became New Look Curve. I didn’t really like the new name, but understood the thinking behind it. My shopping process was quite straight forward, I’d browse online, screenshot some of my favourite pieces and then merrily head to town for some retail therapy and to update my wardrobe. I can’t lie, despite the grandeur of the shop, the plus size section was just a few rails near the back of the shop. Once you had made your way through the masses of clothes to get to the plus size section, you would often be met with a disorganised array of clothes with various different styles on the rails and no correlation in the sizes, so different to all the other size ranges in the store! Despite this however, I still always managed to find something I wanted. Looking back now I have to say how disappointed I am at how they treated the plus size section, in retrospect the section looked like they had no real floor plan for the plus size clothes, didn’t they realise that my shopping experience was the same as those of a smaller size than me?

I was beyond disappointed with New Look when one Wednesday I wandered about the shop for at least five minutes looking for the plus size section. I thought New look must have sent a new floor plan and the section was merely elsewhere in the shop. Eventually, even though I was embarrassed to ask, I queried where the section had gone and a lovely member of staff told me she wasn’t sure why but they had stopped stocking the shop with plus size clothing. Now I am willing to accept that this may have been a wise business decision, but I also know that there is a large percentage of women who fall into the plus size bracket for a number of reasons. I was a wee bit insulted too when I realised that New Look Curve had been replaced with Petite! (Let it be known I have NO issues with Petite clothing, we ALL need clothes to wear!!!) I often wonder if New Look had have spent more time making the plus size section as aesthetically pleasing and well ordered as the other sections, and with maybe a wee bit more stock would they have had to do away with it in my local store?

Another top from the New Look Curve section

I was elated when I got married and moved to our wee rural village, I found out that the next nearest city Strabane, had a New Look and that they stocked the Curve collection. It became somewhat of a thing for me to go up once a month and update my wardrobe with a piece or two. Although initially their section was well organised with lots of different options, over the past few months the stock has been low, baggy and not really laid out in a way that would make you want to browse through the items. Sadly, I ventured to the store two weeks ago to find that they have also done away with the plus size section. My main question to New Look would be WHY? I also have to ask why (in my 2 local stores) are you stocking every size but plus size? Why do I have to order online and not enjoy the in store shopping experience? Do you not value the curvier customers? In an age where men and women are arguably more self conscious than ever before why are you not celebrating women (and men) of all shapes and sizes, and giving an EQUAL shopping experience regardless of size? I suppose I will never really get an answer to these questions, but I feel better now that I have shared my experiences with you. Despite the fact that I am plus size, I still want to go shopping, try on clothes and buy things, I still want to feel like every other woman out there, I don’t want to have to rummage through rails and I certainly don’t want to buy things online that I haven’t tried on or seen in the flesh to only have to return it later in the week. I always thought New Look was a brand that I could relate to, maybe I was wrong.

If you’re reading this and you know of a New Look with the Curve section still intact (preferably in Northern Ireland) please let me know! I would love to hear about your plus size..or any size shopping experiences!



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