North Coast Weekend away

This past weekend we found some time to head away to the North Coast of Northern Ireland. (If you haven’t been you need to go, check out some more info here) Needless to say it was truly wonderful. Time away is good for the heart and soul, not just good but really good! I’m convinced of this, there is nothing you can say to convince me otherwise. I definitely felt my inner glow dimming recently, and could feel myself getting closer and closer to getting stuck in that rut called familiarity. This happens me now and again, when the daily grind becomes a way of pure routine, and I find myself becoming a little lazy, not wanting to do things in the evening times, and feeling convinced that all I want to do is stay in. That’s why its essential for me to press the reset button and just relax with my family when I can.

Time away does not have to equate to luxury holidays, huge expense, or even overnight trips. For me, a walk with my family, a trip to the shops, or a wee drive around the beautiful scenery that can be found in the North Coast is all I need to recharge my batteries and feel more like me again.

A lovely ice cream to begin the holidays..and yes I did spill it on my top!

On Thursday we had a bank holiday, even though I’m fairly new in my job I managed to get my confidence up a couple of weeks ago and ask for the Friday off work too. This meant that I could spend a few days away, doing nothing of great importance other than enjoying the company of my lovely friends and family.

We had arranged to meet our good friends Donna, Phillip and their babybear Freddie and ventured to a new restaurant for all 6 of us, a first meal out since we had both had our beautiful baby boys. Our friends had booked the Deerstalker in Portrush for us, you can check our their Facebook page here!

Going for a meal with friends is great, but going for a meal with friends who also have a baby is even better (or so my experience SO far dictates), I felt relaxed because I knew they too were focused on their little munchkin, and they, like us, are experiencing the overwhelming love, happiness and minor stresses that comes with having a little Prince to look after. Freddie is a couple of months younger than David and it was so nice to see him as a much bigger baby as the last time he we all caught up he was a newborn and so little. It was also great to catch up with Donna and Phillip, they are so fun and a great couple to be around.

Friends, Portrush
Freddie and David meeting each other!

Now that David eats real food, it took a while longer to decide what to order. I noticed on the menu they had cottage pie so I decided to ask if David could have a small portion of that, alas the waitress said that wouldn’t be possible, so I can only assume the cottage pie is pre-portioned and cooked . I opted for some chicken, mash, veg and gravy for him, and advised it didn’t need to be a full portion as it was only for him, and pointed towards him. A few minutes later the waitress was very apologetic and explained that they had no mash for the next wee while and would take some time to make more. I didn’t see this to be a problem and just ordered David Chicken, veg and gravy and boy was it delicious! The chicken did have pepper on it but I just scraped it off and he happily ate away on the chunky carrots, fresh peas and juicy chicken. It was also great that they brought Davids food before our mains, meaning we all got to eat in our own time, win win!! Seriously our meals were really yum, the portions were big and pricing was reasonable. importantly, the service was swift too. Overall I would recommend this place for a nice meal if you’re in the area.

We stayed in a static caravan and Davids Uncle came along too. The first evening was so still, which is unusual so close to the sea, so when we arrived back from our meal I suggested we take David a walk to the shore, we did just that and enjoyed watching the Sunset. The views were AMAZING. This is why I love love Love the North Coast!!!!

Coastal Walk Portstewart
The gorgeous coastal walk at Portrush
I absolutely need to lose weight- ps what a view!

We had a great nights sleep and Babybear decided to spoil us with a wee sleep in! Result! Once we were up and had breakfast my lovely husband had to nip away for some work engagements (booo! But I genuinely totally understand and wouldn’t have it any other way), so I decided that Babybear and I would go on a lovely walk. Now, anyone who knows me would surely know that I am so unfit. I announced to my Brother in law that I was planning on walking to Portstewart but we ‘would see how far I got’. Meaning I might walk for 10 mins then come back-lazy or what?!

As you can see it’s not an overly long walk, but as I mentioned- I’m unfit! I had Babybear to push in the pram and it was a lovely warm day! Anyway off we walked, and little David was asleep within seconds. I really enjoyed the walk to Portstewart though I have to confess it was downhill the whole way and the views were just stunning. A nice wee walk for Mamabear and Babybear, even if he did sleep throughout!

Over the past year, our family has frequented Portstewart, and my husband and I have passed a lovely bakery with lots of tempting treats in the window quite a few times but never had the time to venture in. David and I went here for lunch. It’s a wee bakery and cafe with lots of yummy options for lunch, I had chicken and broccoli bake with a side salad whilst David had stew. I did advise I just needed a baby portion for David and also ordered a wee cheeky portion of coleslaw for myself. The staff were lovely and we made our way to our seat. I must sat, the baby seat was quite unclean, I had to take wipes to it to sort it out but I do think the fact the cafe was very busy may have meant that it was just an oversight, and it was easy fixed by myself. Once it was cleaned David happily sat in the seat and had quite an animated conversation with me in his beautiful baby language. Isn’t it just lovely hearing a wee Babybear muttering and talking in their own language? Aww!

Lunch arrived and Davids stew was a full adult portion, I didn’t say anything as I had figured when I paid that it must have been charged as the full portion. My meal arrived with no side salad and just coleslaw. I advised the server that I had ordered salad and extra coleslaw and she said that the girl who took my order had written only coleslaw. I hate any form of conflict so felt a blush creeping up my cheek, but I just nicely said, no I said with side salad and an extra portion of coleslaw, I told the same thing to the guy on the till. Although I did feel that the server may have been a teeny bit annoyed she did bring me down my side salad very quickly. I have to say, the food was just gorgeous, and of course I helped David finish his stew and traded him some tomato and cucumber from my plate. We will definitely try Simply Scrumptious out again. Happy Baby and Happy Mama for our first lunch date in Portstewart, hopefully the first of many!

We walked down the promenade and found ourselves outside Sheila’s shop. This wee shop has been in Portstewart for as long as I can remember, it’s a cute sweet shop with fishing nets, buckets, spades, balls and all sorts of sweeties! Yum. David got a wee ball and I bought his Daddy an Uncle a bar of rock each. We started the walk back and I actually felt great with loads of energy despite the hill and how sweaty I was I was so pleased that I managed to walk back! (Let’s not talk about the numerous stops to look at the view/breathe and the fact I forgot to bring a drink so needed to pour water from Babybears sippy cup into my mouth! Embarrassing!!)

By the time we walked back to the Caravan, Babybear and I were tired so we took a wee nap before my lovely husband returned back from work. We didn’t do much the rest of the day except for play and rest. It was great but boy was I grumpy when the weekend ended and I knew our wee micro-holiday was over… until next time!

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  1. Wow, your photos look absolutely amazing! I have never been to Ireland myself but it is definitely on my list, and your post has made me want to fly over there even more!

    Thanks for sharing x


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