Fireworks on Friday

Yay! There were Fireworks on Friday! I’m going to tell you all about them bu first let’s start with how my week went. I have been quiet on here for a few days and here’s why..

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t have the best week last week. It was full of ups and downs, I felt grumpy, stressed, and even cried during a particularly stressful moment. I sent a message during the peak of my upset to my good friend Jennifer (read more about my wonderful friend here ) to tell her I was feeling low and that I had been annoyed with a certain situation, I knew she would have the right words to say. As soon as I messaged her I had this ‘aha’ moment, the first all week, I realised that I was allowing the things that were upsetting me to take ownership of my mood and happiness, and that the only way I could be happy was to rise above it all. So I did just that, and decided to focus on the weekend ahead, as well as the time I would get to spend with my family.

Here’s the thing, a bad day can very quickly become a bad week, a bad month or year if you don’t take ownership over your situation. I understand that other people, as well as your mental health can sometimes be completely beyond your control, but you can always ensure that you are trying to be positive and that you do not let other people or stressful situations weigh you down too much. Whenever this happens to me I always reach out. I make sure that I speak to my close friends and family, let them know how I’m feeling and why I’m feeling this way, this means that I am not taking out my mood on them, and also allows me the luxury of talking through what is getting me down. It is good to share your worries with others, it can help you see through your problems, and can also help you see how big or small the problem actually is.

My friend Jennifer and I when she visited Northern Ireland

Thankfully, my ‘aha’ moment was strong and was just what I needed to pull myself out of the rut I had been in all week. Sometimes, if I have had a bad day that’s rolled into a bad week, little things that wouldn’t annoy me start to grind on me where they absolutely wouldn’t normally, and honestly, can someone send my Husband a medal? Despite my happy go lucky nature, this week I just didn’t have my sparkle, and he was so supportive to me, listening to me, texting me the right  words, and giving me all the love and support I needed. People often say that I am so happy and cheerful that they can’t imagine me in a bad mood, those closest to me know that I am only human and that just like you and every other person in the world, I can have low moments too. Where in the past I would have let these moments consume me, I now have a very strong understanding of myself, and I know that it’s key not to ‘sweat the small stuff’ and to share my feelings.

This guy was here for me all week, being supportive, patient and loving!

Finally, beautiful, sweet Friday arrived, and I was so glad to see her! As I write, I struggle to remember everything that we got up to on Friday evening but I know this, we made some wonderful family memories with our boy. It’s been an exciting few days in Londonderry as we have had the Foyle Maritime festival on, it’s been amazing to see the Clipper boats docked in the river, and the festivities have been wonderful. It’s been a different experience this year having a pram to take up and down the river side looking at the stalls, so we didn’t venture the whole way down due to the thousands of people in attendance, but we were so happy to enjoy the buzz of all the visitors as well as see the River in  use, something that I personally would love to see happen more often.

We were excited when we realised that there were to be Fireworks on Friday night, but unsure as to whether David would be able to stay awake long enough to see them. He hadn’t experienced fireworks before so we briefly discussed whether he would like them or not or how he may react to the loud noise that they made. We decided that we would wait for the fireworks anyhow as David normally loves new experiences. At around 9 o clock we found a spot by the river and watched the Clipper Boats parade up the river, it was so fun seeing the crews waving and dancing, and very endearing watching our gorgeous 11 month old wave back. It’s amazing to see him responding to other people. He was so engaged in that moment, I must admit, we felt so proud in that moment, and I must admit, that’s the one thing I hadn’t quite grasped before I became a parent, the little moments are just as special as the big ones.

Between 9 and 10:30 (my timings could be completely off here as I wasn’t looking at my watch) there wasn’t an awful lot going on, but the time went by quickly as we were happily looking at the boats on the water and enjoying a drum core and the general buzz of the crowd, there was a brilliant display on a tall ship followed by the Fireworks and thankfully David had managed to stay awake for them. He loved them and seemed to be genuinely amazed and enthralled by the colours and noise. What a gorgeous family experience, one I will remember forever.

David was asleep as soon as we got into the car, we picked up a pizza on the way home (yes I know I’m meant to be attempting to lose weight, read more Here) and caught up on Love Island before bed. What a late night, but it was so fun!

Our weekend got even better after Friday night, but I’ll tell you all about that in tomorrow’s post!

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