Bedtime routine

I have written, tweeted, and generally spoken to everyone I know about how tired I have been for the past few months ( you can catch up on my tired chronicles Here, Here, and even Here) I’ve even shared funny memes about being a tired mummy and bedtime routines, and I am tired, but the truth is my little man is a great sleeper and only has the odd wee night where his bedtime routine doesn’t go to plan. My poor wee man has taken the jokey-blame for my tiredness when in reality he has gifted his Mamabear and Daddybear with a fantastic sleep routine (so far!!).

So why am I so tired? I’ve figured it’s mostly down to being back at work, and trying to juggle being Mummy, Colleague, wife, daughter, sister, friend and everything in between! It’s so hard to be everything for everyone and I think my tiredness is more in my mind than my body, do you ever feel like that? Emotionally exhausted? Mentally drained? Confused? Or as I call it- just plain tired!

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts you will most likely have seen this photograph yesterday. I can’t believe I didn’t close my handbag and therefore ended up with a completely smashed iPhone screen. What a start to my day!! Let’s not even get into the photo! I promised to be real with you all and yesI know how desperately unattractive I look there but I don’t know too many people who are happy when they break their phone! I mostly blame my tiredness for my phone ending up broken, but really I can’t understand why I am so tired when I had almost 9 (if not a wee bit more) hours sleep!

Thankfully my husband sent me this wee photo of David and I was instantly cheered up! I must admit that my little baby son now looks like a wee boy, and not a baby anymore. I am just so in love with him and all his little developments. He is truly amazing.

Now back to why I’m tired. Journey with me to last night, and the demise of my planned early night! Everything started off according to plan, we were following our new bedtime routine, I got a bath with David, he literally splashed everywhere. Even though I knew there was quite a bit to clean up, the joy on his face was all that mattered. I really enjoy seeing him happy. Isn’t it funny when you love someone so much the only thing that matters is their health and happiness, that is what unconditional love looks like, I would literally be happy for the rest of my life if I thought my David was happy. He’s my everything.

As we bathed, his wee bottle was heating (if you’re a bottle feeding Mummy who, like me, doesn’t pre-make bottles, I highly recommend this wee heater- it changed our lives in the early days!)!) we got out of the bath, put our jammies on and he started to show all his beautiful telltale tired signs (rubbing his eyes, yawning, snuggling in) so I was able to just hand him his bottle, which he drank then drifted off into his beautiful sleepy world. I wish I had have had a bedtime routine like this sooner, but I couldn’t always get the timings right as he used to have an after dinner nap, followed by waking up for a wash then his bottle, followed by a long hour or two of bouncing, playing and singing before he would actually sleep! He was cosy in his sleeping bag and really sprawled out in his cot bed, this would have been the perfect chance for me to sleep but….

Yes, really, my mind went very active all of a sudden, I just couldn’t wind down. I must admit, I hadn’t had the best day, I had even cried with my colleague over lunch, nothing was really wrong I just felt so stressed! Linda, my colleague was so good and soon had me cheered up, I’ve told you before (Here) that a bad day can quickly turn into a bad week if you don’t manage to speak about it or work it out for yourself. I could feel the pull of the bad mood and I’ll be honest, a large part of me wanted to give in to it and let it consume me, but of course I didn’t, I decided to choose calmness and happiness and focused on getting home to the wee man!

So it turns out what I need is a bedtime routine for myself! Last night instead of going to sleep when I was very tired I decided to self dye my hair and the results have been a disaster! I may attempt to fix it but I definitely need to choose sleep! I need a better routine at night for myself, and any and all help and advice would be greatly appreciated! Sleep is one of the key components to wellness and I have become so focused on my sons bedtime routine I have forgotten about my own!

I’ll be blogging again this week about my journey with Breasfeeding and my birth story. Hopefully by my next blog I’ll be more rested in body, mind and soul.

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