Lusty Beg Island

I can’t believe our trip to Lusty Beg Island has been and gone, and I’m at home listening to the rain beat against the window. I absolutely love that sound, and unlike almost everyone I know I can’t wait for Autumn when the weather makes you want to stay in the house and get cosy! We had a really lovely trip away, this isn’t an affiliate post and is just my honest account of our time on the Island.

Lusty Beg Island is a beautiful, secluded resort set on a 75 acre private island on Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. It’s a seriously picturesque spot and boasts lovely facilities including (but not limited to) a Spa with a Pool, a Fairy trail, Outdoor activities, Cabins, Bedrooms and a Lodge with a bar, restaurant and plenty of seating available.

Me sitting by the Stove
Relaxed by the Stove

We were so excited when we were invited by the wonderful Trisha to head to Lusty Beg Island for a night away to surprise my Father in law on his Birthday. I had been once before for a day trip as a teenager and had fond memories of the beautiful scenery. From memory (vague as it is post birth) I thought it was quite far away and was expecting a long journey to get there so was pleasantly surprised to find out it was only 30 miles from our house. We decided in this instance not to bring Babybear with us, and set up babysitting arrangements with his Granny’s! I was sad to leave our little Munchkin and really missed him whilst we were away even though I knew he was safe and sound and getting lavished with love and attention from his Granny’s.

Baby and Granny
David with his Granny
Baby and Granny
David with his Granny

I initially decided to pack lightly. I would be sensible and pack only the essentials, I felt so grown up (honestly I know I’m a thirty something, but I still feel young) as I planned out my small bag with the few pieces I would need. Who was I kidding?! I ended up packing quite a few tops, two pairs of shoes, two coats, makeup, pyjamas, and a whole load of snacks and drinks. I forgot my swimsuit so unfortunately had to resign myself to the fact that I would not be able to sample the Spa. (Some of our friends who were with us did sample the Spa however and it looked to be a lovely, relaxing environment!) I packed an equally large bag for David and dropped him to his Granny and slipped away after a big hug and a kiss.

Life has changed so much since David was born. We enjoyed many trips away in the past and had so little to plan, often we would just go away last minute, all we needed was to pack a bag and head off together, now we have so much to think of including babysitting, meals, bottles, healthy snacks, clothes, toys, medicine, nappies, wipes, toiletries, the travel cot, his pram..the list is truly endless!

Our son in the Kitchen
Leaving my son at his Granny’s for the night

I wasn’t sure how I’d get on without David but I was content knowing he was with both his Granny’s throughout the time we were to be away. I love them both so much and look up to them as wonderful Mothers full of love, advice and all the help we could possibly need. It’s great knowing that David is spending time with two people who love him so much, and we know that they are such a great influence on him too.

Family Photograph
Our Son

To keep the surprise element going, my Brother in Law Darryl parked at our house, and off we went in one car, following good old Google Maps, the route only took us on one unnecessary long cut, and worked out really well. The drive involved several country roads, a tractor and a gorgeous wee old Post Office in the middle of nowhere. I wanted to stop for a photograph but the rain was too bad so we journeyed on.

Country Road
This isn’t the ACTUAL Country Road we travelled on 🙂

Finally we saw the sign to turn into Lusty Beg Island, we followed the road down to the water and awaited the boat to take our car over. I must say I was very glad I wasn’t driving, the boat looked to be a wee bit tight at the entrance and exit points, however my Husband drove on and off with ease. It only takes a couple of minutes to get across to the island so no need to fear if you are afraid of travelling on water, plus the view is lovely from the comfort of your car. There is no charge for the boat and it seemed to be going back and forth regularly whilst we were there, I would imagine that during busier times there may be a slight wait as it only takes two cars at a time.

The view from the Boat
The view from the Boat

We drove off the boat and onto the island and parked up at Reception, the whole area is clean, well presented and has a lovely island feel about it, we got checked in with ease and headed to the cabins to hide the car and check out the accommodation.

My husband and I were delighted with our two berth cabin, it was simply gorgeous and it was clear that the cabin had been impeccably cleaned prior to our arrival. I was taken aback by the facilities and my only negative point was I wished we were staying for longer so we could really enjoy the Cabin to it’s fullest.

Cabin at Lusty Beg Island
Our Cabin at Lusty Beg Island

The first thing I did was sit on the bed, I confidently told my Husband that the Mattress was softer than we liked and we may not get a good sleep. Moving around the cabin I was more than impressed with the lovely seating area,TV, kitchen facilities and the luxurious bathroom. We didn’t have long to spend in the cabin upon arrival as we had to assemble in the Bar area to meet up with the group we were staying with and to surprise my Father in Law! We did have time for a few photographs and I quickly began bossing my husband around (I admit it, I can be a wee bit bossy now and again) “Don’t set your bag there it will ruin my photograph!” Thankfully he’s very patient and went along with my photo taking until it was time to head to the bar.

Bedroom, Lusty Beg Island
The Bed and Sofa in the open plan Cabin
Kitchen Facilities, Lusty Beg Island
Kitchen Facilities in the Cabin
Bathroom, Lusty Beg Island
The gorgeous Bathroom in our Cabin
Outdoor seating at our cabin
Wet but beautiful

Now, let’s talk about the bar! It’s lovely and has a cosy feel despite being big. It was quite busy as there was a wedding on the day we were there, so service was a little slow, It didn’t mater though as I was enjoying the company, the relaxed setting and the friendly staff. We found a table and I was slightly surprised that we were first to arrive as since the arrival of Babybear I have been running late quite a lot of the time. I boldly decided to have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, it was delicious. Aside from a glass of Prosecco a number of months ago, I haven’t had a drink at all since way before Babybear was born. I find that I can go out, really enjoy myself and drive home all on a soft drink with no hang over at all! Anyway, I have to confess that another glass of wine later I had a serious case of the giggles, so much so that I was crying, it was time to drink water. I didn’t have anymore alcohol to drink but I can confirm that my alcohol tolerance level is very low indeed!

A night away with my Husband
A night away with my Husband
Husband on the Cabin decking
Husband on the Cabin at decking
Plenty of Seating at Lusty Beg Island
Plenty of Seating at Lusty Beg Island
The Bar at Lusty Beg Island
Excuse the poor lighting! The Bar at Lusty Beg Island

Fast forward a pint of water and the rest of the group had arrived! A lot of hugs, laughs and chat later and in walked my father in law! He was so surprised to see us all! The surprise was a great success. That evening we enjoyed a beautiful three course meal in the restaurant and then stayed in the bar for a while chatting and laughing. I must confess, even though we had such a great time we both really missed David. I really enjoyed the evening but around 11.30 I could barely keep my eyes open and headed to bed for the night… what a ‘Mombie’ moment!

I wrote earlier how I was so confident that the mattress would result in a poor sleep for my husband and I, all I can say is I was so wrong! I can honestly say we had the comfiest, cosiest sleep and I woke up feeling refreshed and really relaxed, but badly missing my lovely Son. We walked over to Breakfast and saw some ducks pottering about, how David would have loved to see them up close! I called and checked how he was and happily heard he was in great form. We headed down to the Restaurant and enjoyed a super Breakfast with lots of options all of which were prepared and cooked to perfection. What a lovely start to the morning!

We had hoped to do some activities but alas it wasn’t meant to be, we hadn’t booked in advance and even though the staff went out of their way to help arrange some activities for the few of us who wanted to boat ride and do clay pigeon shooting, the timings just didnt work for this Mamabear who wanted to rush home to see her gorgeous son.

Kitchen in friends Cabin
Lusty Beg Island
Lusty Beg Island
Lusty Beg Island
Lusty Beg Island
A wee Duck, Lusty Beg Island
A wee Duck, Lusty Beg Island
Lusty Beg Island
Lusty Beg Island
Ducks at Lusty Beg Island
Ducks at Lusty Beg Island

I can not recommend Lusty Beg Island enough. We all had such a fabulous time, I honestly can’t wait to go back, although on our next adventure I think we’ll stay longer and bring Babybear!

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