Who is MamaBear?

Well Hello there, thanks for stopping by! Hopefully you’ll find some interesting reads, lots of support and encouragement, food for thought, and a wee bit of inspiration through my blog about my life as a new Mummy in my 30s. I write about serious stuff as well as not so serious stuff, and you will find lots of posts about Mummyhood, (A wee word I coined by myself!) Marriage, Lifestyle, Traveling, Places to eat and everything in between.

I am excited to have been selected as a MyBump2Baby favourite blogger, you can find me, and other fab bloggers here.


I’m MamaBear, AKA Julie, adoring Mumma to David, and besotted Wife to Gary. We married in 2015 and our little David was born on August 11th 2017.  We live together in a rural location in Northern Ireland and although we have neighbours to our left, we only have some angry bulls to our right, they are lovely to look at from afar, but only my Husband has been brave enough to go close enough to our hedge to snap this little moody visitor…


Northern Ireland is a really beautiful place and I will be including lots of posts about the different places we venture to on our precious weekends together, as well as our travels throughout Europe, Africa, the UK, Republic of Ireland  and the USA. I think the best gift you can give yourself is making time to do the things you love, for me that’s spending time with my family, looking at gorgeous scenery and indulging in the ways of life far and near.

I have a degree in Education and have spent many years working with young people in formal and informal education settings. Although I am passionate about developing young people through Education I am currently thoroughly enjoying working for a family firm close to my home, making the most of my evenings and weekends off with my boys. There is something really lovely about coming home at night and not feeling worried. I always had something work related on my mind when I worked with young people and always had to spend so much of my time planning and organising for the days that followed. On a complete side note,  my husband is a Politician, but I assure you that does not make me a Politician, and this is in no way a Politically inspired blog. I (and rightly so) have my own thoughts and opinions, and as a general rule I will not be writing about Politics on my blog. I once explained to a colleague that just because his wife was a chef did not mean he ought to talk about cooking all the time, i think the same applies to me and my life, I didn’t marry Gary the Politician, I married Gary- my best friend and love of my life.


Now that the pass the bucket moment is over, I have plenty to blog about so please feel free to take a wee nosy, leave a comment or follow.